Shipping information

Shipping Information

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You may need to pay import taxes, customs, or other taxes and fees once the package reaches the border of your country, depending on the policy of your local customs office.

The customs clearance process has to be done on the customer's side, with the help of the customs broker they get from their carrier (DAP incoterms).Please contact your local customs office to learn more about customs, import tax, and related charges.


We did our best to compile a list of common custom charges in the table below, but please note that this information is just indicative, real final charges may differ. All amounts are in local currencies unless otherwise stated. This table contains only estimates; real charges may differ and fluctuate over time.




USA (USD) 800
Canada (CAD) 20
Australia (AUD) 1000
Switzerland (CHF) 64
Norway (NOK) 0
South Korea (KRW) 150000
Israel (ILS) 1866
Mexico (MXN) 600
New Zealand (NZD) 250
Argentina (ARS) None
India (INR) None
Singapore (SGD) 400
South Africa (ZAR) None
Thailand (THB) 1000
Japan (JPY) 10000
Saudi Arabia (SAR) 375
Brazil (BRL) None
United Arab Emirates (AED) 1000
Hong Kong (HKD) None
Chile (CLP) None
Taiwan (TWD) None
Colombia (COP) None
Malaysia (MYR) 500
Philippines (PHP) None
Costa Rica (CRC) None
Russia (RUB) N/A