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Duet 2 Wifi - External Antenna

Duet 2 Wifi - External Antenna

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Duet 2 Wifi - External Antenna

Duet 2 wifi with external antenna

The Duet 2 Wifi is built around a powerful 32-bit processor - gone are the days of limitations on the speed and functionality of your printer due to underpowered 8-bit processors. 

This kit allows you to use the small built-in WiFi antenna; perfect for most situations out of the box. For use cases where you need an enhanced Wi-Fi signal or need to use a shielding enclosure, you can attach an external antenna.

Key features:

- The Duet 2 Wifi features super quiet Trinamic TMC2660 stepper drivers, with up to 256 micro-stepping. Ready as standard for dual extruders and dual Z motors, compatible with the Duet expansion boards (up to 5 additional motors) if additional stepper drivers are required.

- Each stepper driver is capable of 2.8A motor current, at the moment this is limited in software to 2.4A. The bed heater channel is specifically designed for high current (18A).

- Built-in high-speed uSD card and support for a second external SD card if required.

- Connect via PC, tablet or smartphone on the same network to the onboard web interface. Alternatively, you can use a PanelDue (a full-colour graphic touch screen) display mounted directly to the Printer.

- Set up your printer and update the firmware through the web interface. All common 3D printer geometries are supported. Firmware support for mixing nozzles and remapping axes to use high power, external drivers.

- Support for DC42’s IR Z probe and the Duet3D Smart Effector for delta printers.

- Provided with Molex compatible plugs and crimps as well as ferrules for power and heater terminals.

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