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Palette 3 Pro

Palette 3 Pro

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Multi-material & multi-colour upgrade

Palette 3 Pro offers the greatest possible flexibility in the choice of colours and materials.
8 different filaments can be processed by the Palette 3 Pro - this enables unprecedented possibilities for 3D printing.

Optimised splice core for faster printing without filament jams

The Aluminium Splice Core Pro allows for faster splicing and cooling, improving the overall print time. The updated and optimised Splice Core from the Palette 3 Pro connects filaments in an improved and efficient way. An additional fan cools the filament as it leaves the splice core and speeds up the process drastically. This increases splicing efficiency so that Pallet 3 Pro is 20% faster than Pallet 2S and 10% faster than Pallet 3.

Multi-material for infinite potential

The 8 filament inputs of the Palette 3 Pro allow the user the greatest flexibility and the more complex prints. With 8 different filaments, more aesthetic and realistic 3D prints can be made. By combining flexible and rigid materials, functional parts can also be created or models with breakaway or removable support structures.

Stamping images on your models

In connection with the Canvas slicer software, users can easily stamp logos, texts or images on the model. With this function, 3D printing can be made even more personalised and detailed.

Automated filament management system

Thanks to automated filament management, backup spools can be used to run longer and larger prints without having to worry about running out of filaments or replacing an empty spool during printing.

Integrated Canvas Hub

The Palette 3 Pro comes with a built-in canvas hub to make the printing process simple and seamless. With the built-in Canvas Hub, there's no need to buy or set up any additional hardware to connect all of your devices.

You can access prints directly from the Palette's touchscreen and start printing in seconds. Even if you are not on the same network, prints can be done remotely with Canvas monitoring.

All 3D prints can be managed in the cloud and shared with other users.

Larger touchscreen with higher resolution

New functions on a larger screen with higher resolution enable a user-friendly and efficient printing process. Updated screen functions allow further adjustments and commands on the screen. Start and stop your prints and add gradients or special commands directly to the Palette 3 Pro screen.

Revised limit switches

The Palette 3 range has newly developed and improved limit switches made of hardened steel, which have been tested for durability and wear. The design is compact, offers more space for improved filament monitoring and tracking throughout the device, and is perfect for filament shortage detection.

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